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CFQuickDocs Lookup Extension
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Author: Brian Swartzfager (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: March 21, 2011 8:26 AM
Version: 2.2
Views: 25,291
Downloads: 1,551
License: MIT


A simple extension that lets you look up the documentation for a ColdFusion tag or function in CFQuickDocs (http://www.cfquickdocs.com) by either:

a) Highlighting the tag/function in the editor window, clicking the right mouse button, and choosing "Open CFQuickDocs" and then "Lookup selected text" from the context menu.

b) Right-clicking in the Navigator view, choosing "Open CFQuickDocs" and then "Enter tag/function to lookup", and typing in the tag/function you want to look up in the dialog box that appears.

The corresponding CFQuickDocs page will be displayed in an Eclipse view, and will display the documentation for the function/tag that corresponds to whatever version of ColdFusion is running on your local machine. You can then browse CFQuickDocs within the view like a normal web page.

This extension is especially useful for anyone running ColdFusion 7 or 8 on their local machine, as the tag and function documentation built into Builder focuses on ColdFusion 9. But it is a fairly quick way of looking up ColdFusion 9 documentation as well.

The CFQuickDocs website was created by Jake Munson.

Last Update:

Can now be accessed from the editor window by highlighting the tag or function to look up and opening the context menu.


ColdFusion Builder 2 Beta

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